labor-day-2013Labor Day commemorates one of the great ethical victories of American society. It also marks the end of summer, and a time for retail store sales, and the last chance to get away to Disney World, but few of us think about the real meaning of the word “labor” in the name, and how it is meant to honor brave, dedicated men and women who fought, sometimes literally, the forces of greed, political influence, wealth and privilege in this country to ensure a measure of safety, consideration, fairness and justice for the hardest working among us.

At a time when too many people are unemployed, Labor Day also can remind us that having a job, whether white or blue-collar, managerial or administrative, bureaucratic or entrepreneurial, is a precious thing. We should not take it for granted, but celebrate that we have the opportunity to “labor” (and to barbecue).

Men are made stronger on realization that the helping hand they need is at the end of their own right arm”       ~ Sidney J. Phillips

Wishing you a happy and healthy long weekend!                                            ~Maria