I just read this great article with tips to spruce up your house this fall. There are some great tips if you have your home on the market and some for routine maintence.  For more great seller tips visit our Sellers Guide.

Fall is an important time to weather-proof your home. Cooler air is working its way across the country, and that means some home maintenance is in order.
Here are a few items you should attend to this season.
1. Trim back nonflowering bushes: Theses plants are headed into their dormant stage, and that means you can get in one last trim before cold weather.
2. Mums the word: Chrysanthemums are a great way to keep your frontstep colorful and inviting. Find your favorite color at your local plant nursery!
3. Fall cleaning: Clean-up isn’t just for Spring anymore. Fall is prime time to pick up and put away gardening tools, summer toys, and pool supplies. Take advantage of the beautiful and temperate weather by tidying up your yard.
4. Seasonal items: Welcome mats and wreaths are easy ways to add a warm and welcoming touch to your home.
5. Storm windows. Champions of keeping in heat on cold days, storm windows are something you can install on your own. To install, remove and store your screens. Clean out the window tracks. And then use a little spray lubrication to make the storm windows slide more easily into place.
6. Clean the gutters. Throughout the season, leaves will fill your gutters. Be sure to keep your gutters clear of debris so that rain water does not do damage to your home.
7. Chimneys: Have each chimney cleaned and checked for cracks and leaks. A chimney fire would put a real damper on your holidays!
8. Change filters: This should be done every 3 months, if not more frequently. Filters cost just dollars, and clean ones mean fewer allergens in your air.
9. Heater servicing: After sitting for a year, your unit will need serviced. This will ensure it runs smoothly when you really need it.
10. Hot water heater: Use Fall as the time to drain your hot water heater and to remove sediment from the bottom. This will improve your unit’s efficiency.
Enjoy the cooler weather and get that home in order!
(Article written by Carla Hill for the Realty Times)