Douglas Elliman’s Global Relocation Team Wins Gold

Elliman’s Global Relocation Team Wins Gold

As head of Douglas Elliman’s Global Relocation division, Christine Haney often finds herself reminding people of the services her department provides, which goes well beyond helping relocating employees lease, purchase or sell their homes for work or other reasons.

“We provide far more services than most people understand,” says Haney, who describes her team’s role as more akin to a Destination Service Provider. “We find people homes, yes, but we also focus on settling-in services where we assist with opening bank accounts, obtaining a drivers license and Social Security numbers, while connecting to local amenities and helping them to become familiar with local customs,” says Haney. “We will stand in line at the Social Security office for hours so our client doesn’t have to. Our main priority is to make their transition as smooth as possible.”

“We do more than just find people real estate…we make the entire move as smooth as possible.”

– Christine Haney,

EVP, Douglas Elliman Global Relocation and Referral Services

Elliman wins Gold Award for Destination Services from BGRS

It is that type of commitment that has garnered Haney and her team international recognition from BGRS, a leading talent-mobility firm, earning Douglas Elliman a Gold Award from the firm for Outstanding Performance for Destination Services in 2019. Haney’s team earned the award after achieving a consistent customer satisfaction rating of greater than 96%.

“I’m proud of the award and my team,” says Haney, who competed against other Destination Service firms across the world for the designation.

“I think it says a lot about our role. We do more than just find people real estate. There so much more that goes into relocation and to be recognized for that is rewarding.”

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