Döttling, the bespoke German luxury safe manufacturer has notably upheld the traditional locksmith’s craft in the style of Royal Prussian smiths ever since its inception back in 1919, and still works by hand to create unmistakable and unique masterpieces. Now for the exceptional enthusiasts across the globe, Döttling has created ‘The Guardian’, which has been billed as the world’s first security luggage that can be carried with a handle or shoulder strap. Weighing about 4 kg, the Döttling Guardian boasting a high-security concept provides unique protection for up to 6 luxury watches, jewelry, cash, or important documents.

Developed in house at Döttling, the Guardian’s centerpiece is its multi-walled, high-security cylinder built into the leather, which consists of a range of high-tech materials interlocked in a top-secret composition. Further, a high-security safe door is integrated into one end of the cylinder, which can only be opened with a three-digit code. To put it simply, the Guardian can only be opened with massive force and lot of time, which is not available, as it’s also equipped with a GPS tracking device. The perfect holiday gift!!