The Next Level. We all know “standard” when we see it. The routine. The ordinary. The way things are normally done. What’s refreshing is finding that person, product or experience best described as extraordinary.

Take travel, for example. We’ve all had “nice” trips. Yet in Passport, you’ll find unique offerings that captivate adventure seekers and highlight art and science from all over the world.

In Design and Q&A, you’ll meet two designers whose approaches signify a higher level of sophistication. One is committed to conscientious, sustainable design; the other is constantly drawing inspiration from destinations across the globe.

Concetta Antico is known as “the color queen” — she uses her ability to see 100 million colors to create art at another level. You’ll meet her inside, along with others who are creating home aquariums that also serve as works of art and are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

In Focus, we explore how cities are using technology to strive for the next level; and in Taste, you’ll see how the cuisine of the Middle East has suddenly gone mainstream.

I hope this autumn finds you enjoying life at its best.  If you’re looking for next level service in meeting any of your local, national or international real estate needs, please let me know.  With each client, my team achieves excellence through bespoke service, expertise in interpreting their individual needs and incredible attention to detail, creating an unparalleled experience and constantly raising the bar for luxury living.  It has been a phenomenal year so far, including my team again being named one of RealTrends’ Best Real Estate Teams in America, and we look forward to continuing to providing you with extraordinary service.  I appreciate all of your support and business.