Roslyn High School was just featured in the New York Times in an article about using IPads as a teaching device.  Check out the article below.  To learn more about the Roslyn School District, visit our Roslyn town page.

Joshua Lott for The New York Times

ROSLYN HEIGHTS, N.Y. — As students returned to class this week, some were carrying brand-new Apple iPads in their backpacks, given not by their parents but by their schools.

A growing number of schools across the nation are embracing the iPad as the latest tool to teach Kafka in multimedia, history through “Jeopardy”-like games and math with step-by-step animation of complex problems.

As part of a pilot program, Roslyn High School on Long Island handed out 47 iPads on Dec. 20 to the students and teachers in two humanities classes. The school district hopes to provide iPads eventually to all 1,100 of its students.  Click here to read the full article.